Clear Code

Sharing regulations with citizens, contractors and developers helps educate the community, enhances safety, and increases compliance.  Clear Code is a web portal that shares land use codes, zoning, and other regulations with your community. 

Because regulations are available online in a searchable, indexed form, permit and development applicants can easily research relevant regulations, and increase the quality of permit and development applications. 

For municipalities planning to update regulations, Clear Code is perfect for sharing drafts with staff, consultants, and stakeholders, or with citizens if so desired.  Clear Code's comment management system and notification system supports your office workflow to increase collaboration on the drafting and finalization of regulations.

For municipalities using Clear Permit or Clear Review, Clear Code is integrated with the citizen portal and the staff portal to increase the speed and quality of application submissions and the review of applications.

Clear Code features:

  • Full text search capability with a specific section with text previews, making it easy for citizens to navigate the plan to regualtions relating to their project
  • Hyper-linked and indexed regulations, providing one click access to related regulations
  • An online glossary with tooltips, making it easier for citizens to understand land use code and zoning terminology
  • A comment management system, encouraging citizens to share their thoughts and questions with staff
  • A notification system to message citizen subscribers and staff when a comment or modification is of interest
  • A workflow system, routing comments and drafts to staff members for review per office policies
  • Intuitive and powerful document management capabilities to support the drafting, reviewing, publishing and revisions of regulations

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