Clear Permit

Position permit applicants for success

How often do citizens submit an application only to be told their application is incomplete?  In many communities, the answer is "all too often."  With modern software supporting the permit application and review process, citizens can be guided through the application process, greatly increasing the completeness and compliance of permit applications.

With Clear Permit, the cost and frustration of revising and resubmitting permit applications is dramatically reduced.  Clear Permit's citizen portal guides citizens through the complexity of the application process, and provides 7 x 24 service to your constituents, allowing citizens to apply for permits over the internet.

Clear Permit's staff portal, supports your processes, increasing the  consistency, productivity and user-friendliness of the review process.

Key benefits of Clear Review include:

  • Increased transparency
  • Improved service
  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • 24x7 service for permit citizens and developers, guiding applicants through the permit submission process
  • eCommerce integration allowing permits to be applied for securely over the internet
  • A contractor’s web portal, making it easy for contractors to register and apply or renew their licenses
  • A workflow system, routing permit applications to staff members for review per office policies
  • Powerful review portal, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of reviews
  • Comment letter generation as the application proceeds through your review workflow, with an ability to edit and customize the comments letter as needed
  • A notification system to message applications and staff of workflow tasks and comments of interest
  • Intuitive and powerful document management capabilities to support all the forms and documents in permit applications
  • GIS integration, providing the critical information in your geographic database to reviewers with a click of the mouse

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