Clear Plan

Engaging citizens in comprehensive planning can be difficult.  All too often, only special interest groups make the effort to study the plan and provide feedback to planners.  The size, complexity, and jargon in the comprehensive plan makes it difficult for average citizens to navigate the plan to items relating to their individual priorities, and to understand the synergy between plan elements.   

With insufficient citizen participation in the planning process, feedback from special interests is disproportionate.  The lack of dialogue between citizens and planners, lowers support for the plan by constituents.  Clear Plan, Clear Village’s collaborative planning portal, make the comprehensive plan easily accessible by citizens, and supports a dialogue between citizens and planners building support for the comprehensive plan. 

Clear Plan features:

  • Full text search capability with a specific document, or the entire plan, with text previews, making it easy for citizens to navigate the plan to sections relating to their priorities
  • Hyper-linked and indexed comprehensive plan documents, providing one click access to related aspects of the comprehensive plan
  • An online glossary with tooltips, making it easier for citizens to understand the comprehensive plan and planning terminology
  • A comment management system, encouraging citizens to share their thoughts with planners
  • A notification system to message citizen subscribers and staff when a comment or modification is of interest
  • A workflow system, routing comments and drafts to staff members for review per office policies
  • Intuitive and powerful document management capabilities to support the drafting, reviewing, publishing and revisions of your comprehensive plan

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