Ocoee Goes Green with Self-Service Electronic Permitting
in Partnership with Clear Village

Orlando, FL (October 6, 2011) The City of Ocoee announces the launch of their web-based self-service permitting portal in partnership with Clear Village Inc. “The best practice for permitting is to allow citizens and contractors to apply for permits whenever they wish from our office or anywhere with internet access” states Craig Shadrix, Assistant City Manager of Ocoee.

“When it is not convenient for a citizen or contractor to come to City Hall during business hours, we want to offer great service over the City’s website” said Ocoee City Manager, Rob Frank. “We selected Clear Village to deliver Ocoee’s web self-service platform because Clear Village provides a friendly, intuitive, collaborative citizen portal and powerful workflow applications for the staff.”

Jim Washington, Ocoee’s Building Official, describes how supporting electronic documents is a win-win for staff, citizens, contractors and the environment. “We used to require multiple copies of plans as part of a permit application package. Now with Clear Village’s support, citizens and contractors can submit their plans electronically, eliminating printing costs and trips to the office to deliver plans. Supporting electronic documents is efficient for staff and the applicant, and it is better for the environment.”

“Ocoee’s passion to deliver service excellence is to be applauded” says David Loeb, President of Clear Village. “In addition to reducing costs and saving time for permit applicants, Ocoee will realize substantial staff efficiencies. Time that used to be spent on data entry and scanning documents can now be invested in taking government service to the next level.”

Stina D’Uva, President of the West Orange Chamber of Commerce, describes Ocoee’s online permitting as pro growth. “Few cities offer more than online forms on their website. Those that offer online permitting do so mostly for contractors. What is terrific about Ocoee’s self-service capabilities is that they include both citizens and contractors. Eliminating trips to City Hall will save citizens and contractors time and money. The convenience of progressing your permits and inspections anytime demonstrates Ocoee's commitment to attract business, and grow the local economy."

Craig Shadrix urges Ocoee residents and the contractors that serve them to utilize Ocoee’s web-permitting system. “It is easy to register for Ocoee’s web self-service. All you need is an email and a password of your choosing. Ocoee’s online permitting is available at www.permits.ocoee.org. Government eServices include applying for a permit, registering a contractor, requesting an inspection, scheduling a meeting, or tracking the progress of your permit. Expect many more web-based government services as Ocoee’s continuous improvement initiative progresses.”

Clear Village is a graduate of the UCF Business Incubation Program. Carol Ann Dykes, UCF Business Incubator Site Manager, says “Clear Village is a great example of how an incubator client can take UCF technology and bring products to market that help government better serve their citizens. Companies like Clear Village demonstrate how the UCF Business Incubation Program helps create high tech jobs in Central Florida.”

For more information, contact:
Joy P. Wright, City of Ocoee (407) 905-3100 x 1530 David Loeb, CEO, Clear Village Inc. (407) 249-5272 Carol Ann Dykes, Site Manager, UCF Business Incubation Program, 407-207-7426, carolann.dykes@ucf.edu Larry Vershel or Beth Payan, Larry Vershel Communications, 407-644-4142 or LvershelCo@aol.com

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About Clear Village
Clear Village helps local government deliver personalized service over the web on a 24/7 basis. Clear Village’s integrated staff productivity solutions offer substantial savings to municipalities by reducing counter and cashier transactions, reducing support calls, and eliminating many data entry, copying, transporting, and scanning tasks. Additionally, Clear Village cloud computing solutions help reduce IT costs while providing business continuity. www.clearvillageinc.com

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